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Balustrda model Gobe 369
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Balcony balustrades

nowoczesne balustrady schodowe model Gobe 369 nowoczesne balustrady tarasowe model Gobe 369 nowoczesne balustrady schodowe model Gobe 369

Balustrades for balconies in the building for a single and multi-family building

Stair railings in a modular system

Balustrady balkonowe model Gobe 374
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nowoczesne balustrady schodowe model Gobe 374 nowoczesne balustrady do węki model Gobe 374 nowoczesne balustrady na taras model Gobe 374

Balustrades, galvanized, powder coated Duplex

Stair railing modules

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Anti-corrosion protection of balustrades in the premium class

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Railings for external stairs

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Balustrades are complex balconies

nowoczesne balustrady Balustrady balkonowe

nowoczesne balustrady Balustrady balkonowe

nowoczesne balustrady nowoczesne balustrady

nowoczesne balustrady Balustrady balkonowe

nowoczesne balustrady nowoczesne balustrady

Barriers typical for residential construction called balustrades, from the place of construction we distinguish between basic balcony and stair , and increasingly popular window constructions without a slab or balcony base called French windows or balconies . The offer of balcony balustrades consists of several types of destination, assembly method, building location, technology and type of materials. Accumulated experience, analysis of a number of situations occurring in our clients and more, has forced the need to develop an effective aesthetic in the whole sense of the word railing technology.

I will introduce several aspects of technical conditions, regulations and arrangements that we must take into account when deciding to choose a railing for a residential building. Namely, during construction according to the design we have a balcony of such and a roughly selected form of railing, whatever that means, however, there is almost always a lack of designed in detail ways of building, fixing a precise balcony or other railing. It is true that such details can be agreed directly with the construction manager, and after the problem it would seem, but the practice of domestic single-family housing looks slightly different. The construction of the house is almost finished and we come to balcony balustrades, we need to choose the type of balustrade form, we continue to search for contractors for the project provided or the last moment to learn what the market has to offer. The last time to give our building a final character, here we meet with different expectations of customers.

One group expects a minimal simple form of railings to fulfill their role and function only, the rest practically realizes that the railing is to some extent a dot above and. Here, we can see from experience that the need for matching styling of balustrades is important, significant and very important. Those looking for a characteristic unique style or form are not lacking, ok, but there is still a way of building in most cases and situations and full success is guaranteed. These inspirations of reconciling all parameters and difficulties have mobilized us to develop our own system that will address such needs and meet most expectations.

Installation of balcony railings on a wooden structure

Yes, it is a modular system, why? For what? Briefly the advantages, from the more important - safety , i.e. the basic role to be fulfilled by the balustrade, so that it is steel matter, constructions based on closed metal profiles. Secondly, the fastening must meet the required expectations, strong stable guaranteeing reliability and strength , and so it is. The overwhelming majority of situations is a traditional floor on a concrete slab insulated or not, there are also prepared bases for mounting from above, two types, fixed rigid, usually corner. The feet of the mounting base at the building wall are adjustable, advisability is to adjust the railing riser at the same time level the floor fall intended for the fall and drainage of water from the balcony.

In addition, assembly is carried out using a chemical anchor and metal threaded rods, very high load resistance, besides all pre-drilled holes for assembly are filled chemical anchor glue which completely seals what you need. The advantage of such a system of adjustable feet is to level any unevenness of the balcony floor, then you can easily adjust an even railing railing, especially when it is used when assembling a railing on an older renovated building.

An example film about the railing assembly system, how it works Installation of the modular railing system

The system does not provide for attachment to the walls of the building, it is not required for this system, has adequate structural rigidity and meets strength standards, it is also not beneficial due to leaks the façade is equally hygroscopic and thermal. The system works perfectly in the vast majority of assembly cases, solving many local problems, there are also unconventional floors, terrace coverings made of wood or composites, we calmly cover the subject with our system. Examples below.

How to install on terracotta tiles, before or after tiling? Generally, we mount the balustrade on the finished floor, it is most often practiced and we achieve high aesthetics, however, the terracotta should be properly laid, i.e. on the edges of the balcony in places under the feet, the adhesive should completely fill the space under the tiles. This will prevent the tiles from cracking during drilling, we recommend that you approach the topic calmly without rush, by drilling through the tile finger hole saw with diamond sprinkles. This guarantees high efficiency and saves time.

Another situation where we envisage installing the railing from the front of the balcony slab or on the wall of the garage or bay window. Then we have to remember during planning about planning and properly prepare the place where the railing will be installed, `The base must guarantee a solid base for anchoring the handrail handrails. As you can see in the photos below, the situations are quite unusual, most often it is developing a project of individual solution according to the situation and concept.