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Modern fence

modern 375 steel fence

When choosing a fence we sometimes have a dilemma, yes, choose a more openwork or more covering fence model? Definitely modern or light design, that's the question which one to choose? Fences not only set the boundaries of the property, which is obvious, once you need to cover yourself from the public and a busy road, and once you do not want to separate from the rest of the world, let them look at what a beautiful garden we have. Gobe cyber style is the answer to the need for new design that follows inevitable trends in construction and more.

It seems that we have something for everyone, smaller, more massive and subtle, inspiring and straightforward, visually right and nonpartisan, a note of unpretentiousness and a bit of madness.

Modest safe and peculiarly unique, low or highly advanced compromise, so we can endlessly participate in the absolute infinity of design possibilities and models from Gate Fence , but everyone will find something personal. When choosing fence gates or railings, you need to start the journey through the technical aspects of your local situation. Type of gate, height of the fence, what are the imposed building criteria, of which, where is the gate and dumpster?

Shortcuts - without cotton, everything about metal fences - inspirations 374 - you'll learn some interesting topics

 fence panels modern design Gobe model 374

Let this journey be an adventure, you are not alone, we do it every day, a team of support specialists will help build your concept of a project assumption, who plans and designs does not err, why include mishaps. Tips not to shoot yourself in the knee in the dark, because you have to make some important choices, trust the professionals.

HAVE QUESTIONS? We will gladly dispel your doubts. Contact us, write, ask, call, act and click. We will solve your problems, adapt to the situation, do not bear it yourself, it will be easier if you share with us. If you already know what you need, you have everything laid out this is honey boat, we will optimize the offer to your needs and to work.

Entrance gates

sliding gate model 368 with three segments
Galaxy Model 368 gates
concrete fence on a sloping ground
Galaxy Model 378 gates
double-leaf gate with drive - film
Galaxy Model 373 gates
modern sliding gate, automatic opening and closing on the remote control
Gate Automation Galaxy 374

Swing gate - swing or sliding gate?

Gate assembly - stand-alone simple tips and a good word.

Gate efficiency - improvements not only for convenience.

We choose gates - for our property

Application - functions and own needs

Modern fence is an important part of every property, also yours, as Grandma said when they see you, they write you.

A properly selected model will ultimately determine the nature of your own surroundings, well-being and comfort. When you enter the property through an open personal gate and you think but a great gate, because of Gobe. Such a banality and enjoys, but not everyone is aware that he will look that way several times a day for several dozen years. What is the right choice is always important, it is worth thinking about how nice and uplifting it is. When choosing fences you take into account the style, aesthetics, functionality, as from Gobe you already know that it will serve for many years, what the neighbors there, let the backhoe fall.

With self-assembly, a set of assembly instructions, of course, personally dedicated to your situation. So conceived that self-assembly is easy, simple and pleasant, Become the hero of your fence, master of the situation, well, who can you? Sure you will. Your support group is already waiting for this.

You have the right to have your own personal fence and we will help you with this, and how.

Balcony balustrades

modern balcony railing on the terrace with horizontal metal profiles
Balustrades Galaxy Model 373
 modern metal balustrade on stairs and modular resting
Balustrades Galaxy Model 379
very modern balustrade with a bold pattern top modern design
Balustrady Galaxy Model 378
 stair railing with oblique pattern and steel profiles
> Balustrades Dewelopment Typ

Balcony construction - safe - above all compliant with applicable standards

Aesthetic installation - easy solid fast for everyone on the floor or face

Balustrades - made in a modular system, each individual project

High aesthetics - railings give a phenomenal peculiar expression and complement the building

Specialty are balustrades referring in style and design to the property fence, personally you know that when a new day gets up, you go out to the balcony with a cup of aromatic fragrant coffee and lean on the railing, the unique railing, and your own, personal railing, it's already a beautiful day ... You definitely feel fulfilled - fulfilled and maybe more.

Modern Modular railings - what is this?

Modular balustrades are a system in innovative technology.

To the balcony handrail or railing?

They do not require interference with the galvanized railing during assembly, no drilling or welding in the structure. This system allows the safe installation of railings in any situation, simple runs to unusual situations on the stairs. It also allows installation on uneven older renovated balconies or external stairs.

Balustrades are each time designed and manufactured to a special individual order for a specific building, meeting the required standards in accordance with applicable regulations.

Balustrades for balcony doors without balconies - French windows are becoming more and more popular. It is worth paying attention to the system of aesthetic assembly of such balustrades that we propose. Both the French window railing type and the other modules is simple for dismantling and reinstallation, which allows any renovation or renovation work on the facade.

Here we present our fence gates and balustrades where we devote ourselves to your objective evaluation.

The Galaxy Premium, Galaxy EQU, EQU series and the QuanteQ system - within your reach.

Let it be, designs and models are protected by copyright in Europe and the USA, because ours are, if anyone asks.

Cyber ​​Design fences from

Galaxy Premium fences - massive design from

Galaxy EQU fences - light design from

EQU fences - economical design from

What is this about? Perhaps this is the style and trend of modern forward-looking design. It's the answer to digital virtual shaping of reality in our edition, because we are allowed whatever it means, and it means that your environment changes and you decide how. And we have an impact because you can do it anyway. The suggestion is for you to have a nice fence, a nice gate or balustrades and anything else.

It is worth mentioning here that the end of ugliness, let it be nice, because it's nice to be OK.

The fence offer is a bold offer

Modern Fences Catalog in a mobile efficient form

A good offer with an accent phenomenal in its style and we do not hesitate to use it.

Galaxy Premium is a design and technology where constructions are more and medium covering the properties, a classic offer where wide profiles are used enclosed in solid, more massive frames - rather difficult to take into account.

Galaxy EQU are modern fences where the expression line of style is shapely and delicate, more subtle in itself. Designs in the same models as the Galaxy, but the filling is more delicate in the appropriate frames, more openwork and medium heavy with an emphasis on lighter.

Industry 4.0 integration of intelligent digital technologies

Good design + Industry 3.0 and 4.0 = super fences

In a few words, it is a complete, efficient and robust and aesthetic system we have developed, where we use CNC laser metal cutting technology for gate fences and balcony or terrace balustrades. It is a refined concept alone, from the attachments of accessories closing all details compatible with fences and balustrades.

The system is prepared for wide use in every circumstance, almost every situation, the fence is installed directly into the ground, mounted on all wonders of concrete, foundations of all types, on blocks, bricks and what else.

The concept solves several problems with playing with sheet metal products, namely in the summer it heats up and in the winter it shrinks. We have mastered it in a right and aesthetic manner, expansion joints and proper forming digital bending machine which affects the aesthetics of workmanship and puts our products in the premium class.

EQU a series where modern fences available in minimalist inspirational forms, economical at the same time. In addition to the very openwork style, it matters in situations where the problem is excessive loads, e.g. of brick gates of swing gates. It works perfectly where there is a demand for light and ultra-light arrangement in the whole sense of the word.

The motivation for development is probably the satisfaction and opinions of our recipients and customers, and then the power is with us. A team of talented designers has completed a set of products in a comprehensive, comprehensive offer not only gates and fences, but also a dumpster because nobody likes to look at the trash bins. Workarounds for electrical and garage boxes or incorporated into the spans, and other necessary support accessories for various situations.

It is also worth mentioning that by using innovative technologies we obtain a high standard of aesthetics, which is very important nowadays, please visit and look at photos from the implementation may inspire you, click zoom - PROJECTS

Video presentation of the fence in 3D. YuTube channel

Inspirations - application in an interesting and abstract form.

Gate and balustrade fences - view in space and space-time

Modern fences and gates must fulfill many practical solutions and functions. The offer on the market is very wide, which does not make the choice easier, we help you make the right decision.

Watch the movie channel and inspire your fence- Gobe-pl There are dozens of examples of using our fences, see you in space, they will help you make the right choice.

Metal fence - Fences

Modern technologies - high standards

Durability of steel structures.

Combination of hot dip galvanizing and sandblasting surfaces before powder coating for good adhesion of powder paint. This is fence protection against corrosion with the best technology currently available in the premium class. We cover the fences with a special powder paint more resistant to chemistry and solar radiation. The coating itself has increased hardness which gives high scratch resistance and comfort of use.

All constructions are hot-dip galvanized by immersion in a ladle in molten zinc, temperature 450 degrees Celsius, this guarantees optimal corrosion protection. Assembling and welding elements, as is the case in the market of fences made of galvanized profiles, where the weld remains non-galvanized, will cause corrosion in the future.

Investing in such security gives you nothing but benefits, minimal expenditure on ongoing maintenance, you have time for yourself and comfort of use.

Panel fences - palisades - fences

Contemporary fences are based on closed steel profiles

A material that creates unlimited possibilities of use in the field of design. Fences based entirely on steel elements, concreted in the ground. We offer a certain form of standard dimensions, developed and adapted to the most popular systems of modular concrete blocks, and we manufacture almost any dimension of existing buildings but not without significance are the extremes of the concept. For newly built fences and balconies built in any technology, or for major renovation.

Gates - remote control

Automation - Gates drives

Gate automation for all circumstances

Controlling one gate of several gates.

A modern fence without gate automation? Rather difficult to imagine, gate drive is already standard, so you don't have to insult yourself to develop a topic. It is only worth mentioning that often at swing gates swinging like this, it is necessary to open the gate wide so that the car from the side gets in, we take it easy in automation. Solutions such as the system of hinges and gate handles allowing the opening of up to 130 degrees of gate wings, gives the opportunity to travel to the property behind the open gate wing.

There is no problem that the entrance gate for one remote control with the garage door agree, we also embrace. Both can be controlled with one remote control regardless of the type of existing drive and garage door control.

Support in the instructions for cable routing for the gate's electrical installation at the planning and masonry stage of the fence, whatever. Advice on solutions to difficult unusual situations, there are often challenges and one or other problems, we will solve something.

And if you have to make a gate without automation, you can do it, like a gate - you will do the gate as you need it.

Guide - how to plan a fence design?

You plan, you do not stray faster to your destination, use the example guide, we design the fence. Advanced visualization in 3D is no problem. See the channel on YuTube - examples, practical optimization of the fence.

In the guide examples will help you design and plan your fence well.

To achieve optimal functionality of the fence and gate, success depends on the practical, thoughtful arrangement of details in the fence, which is often a challenge. Inclined driveway to the garage, access restrictions, meter boxes, post bills, etc.

We definitely achieve the same benefits by planning ahead, we will help you choose a double-leaf gate or a sliding gate for the given situation.

Preparation of the fence design excludes all problems - especially technical. Contact us for fence design, especially in difficult situations. We will adapt optimal practical solutions for the benefit of functionality and optimal costs.