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Sliding gates in a modular system

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Gates dimensions price concepts

We choose the entrance gate

We present several examples of concepts for a modern premium class door, swing and sliding gates offer, as standard gates with complete assembly kit, adjustable hinges and sliding gates with the entire running gear. We also offer NICE gate automation.

 Modern double-leaf gates with the character of a modern style 369-1

Dimension standards of entry gate height

We manufacture gates in several heights as standard , The dimensions have been developed for the most popular brick entrances in various systems from concrete blocks, and mounted directly on the ground on steel posts. Door widths tailored to the individual situation and also in the most popular standards, height range from 80cm to 180cm, others on request

 swing gate, metal posts and wicket sketch of model 375-1

Remote control of gate opening

All gates one remote control

Support in the preparation of installation for automation and control, it is possible to control one remote with several gates in this garage, which undoubtedly simplifies life and we do not drive with several remote controls.

 panel gates with a diagonal pattern motif and wicket model 374-1

Guidelines for gate planning

Proven practical applications, ease of use, thoughtful solutions and efficient systems. Call, write, ask, we will provide support, advice and a good word always free.

 Modern wing gate powder painted model 380-1  Modern hinged gate model 379-1  Modern up-and-over door model 371-1

We choose gates in several aspects

Sliding gates - advantages and disadvantages

I will objectively present all the reasons when and where we decide on the type of hinged sliding gate or other mode of operation, without biased pressure and proposals. We will omit the advantages and disadvantages of these and other gates, we will simply discuss the features of each of the above.

Namely, let's start with a sliding sliding gate as it is usually called, we distinguish generally six basic types somewhere, where sliding gates are self-supporting . Built on a semi-open profile in the interior of which the rollers support carts, carry the entire weight of the gate in the so-called counterweight when it is closed. Buildings of this type of gate requires an additional foundation on the right or left of the entry light for the installation of rollers with rollers and a drive. The space under the gate at the entrance is free from the installation of a stopwatch or stopper, which requires a hinged swing gate, allows you to embrace the situation when we enter the property uphill. In addition, which is the biggest advantage built-up along the fence, it leaves free space in the driveway inside the property. Statistically speaking, among our customers this is the deciding factor in choosing just this type of gate.

Required location and other circumstances, it is known that the gate has an unattractive tail called counter weight, which extends the overall width of the entrance by about 30%. A place is needed to open it, also keeping the level is natural for the comfort of the drive. As for the widely discussed dimension of the tail, we know that the Pole can, any combination with shortening against the weight is shooting yourself in the knee, the less the worse the more the better but let's not exaggerate. The counterweight length does not statistically count only to the width of the entrance itself, we primarily take into account the dimensions of the dimensions, weight and height. In our personal case, we manufacture sliding gates in a modular system, where we use several load-bearing profiles and several types of carriages, respectively, according to the weight. Generally, self-supporting sliding gates must be properly designed and built on very good quality components, which is worth paying attention to. Popular running profiles and all poor-quality trolleys and rollers are often the reason for failure after a longer or shorter period of use when dealing with significant weights the hardness of the basic elements used is the support rail and rollers. The gate drive is not an obstacle, it is matched to the overall weight.

Behavior of the sliding gate in the winter, here several features can be problematic during heavy snowfall or when we are thawing, and then significant frosts the gate may not open, better in extreme weather, leave it open overnight, we will leave for work in the morning. A bit more places for snow removal because we have to snow-clad the entire length of the closing and opening of the sliding gate. Everything mechanical and any type of gate, sliding, needs to be taken care of in particular.

Sliding gates without counter weight

These are most often gates moving on rollers directly after a linear guide built on the ground in the entrance light. This type is only slightly elongated from the width of the opening for the installation of vertical guidance and drive. A weak advantage is the efficiency in our climate for obvious reasons that I will skip, some supporters support the heating of the driveway, which helps, however when for example the property is located in a lack of road, let's say in a good standard, it is on wheels that we bring particles from the road, which are accumulated while driving the rollers, however, cause problems. The comfort of using this type of gate is a strong word, it comes from warm countries and it works better there in terms of frost, while leaves and aggregate from roads are everywhere.

Telescopic sliding gates

This group includes sliding gates constructed and operating on the basis of a telescope. There are several inventions at self-supporting gates based on sliding three and more modules one after the other, used in cases where there is no room for the gate to open with counter scales. A similar principle of operation is in the case of roller doors and linear guiding, used by different power transmission, using steel cables. This definitely complicates the mechanics of the gate, which promotes failure rate and requires special commitment to ongoing maintenance and technical inspections. The efficiency of the telescopic sliding gate depends most on the quality of workmanship and the consumable components used.

Our southern neighbors are strong in these bricks, there are also a lot of national neighbors, they differ in solutions and are dedicated only to the situation on the property but their popularity is not high but it may be the only right solution.

Double-leaf and swing up gates

Wings are the simplest and not very complicated constructions so they win every race at economical prices, for both construction costs and assembly economics in this group collects all cups. Uncomplicated constructions generate lower remaining costs, however, the gate automation consists of several elements and the cost is slightly higher here. In addition, there are difficulties when overcoming driveways to the garage after the fall, but we come across several more or less effective solutions with lifting hinges. Anyway, double-leaf gates take up valuable space in the driveway, this seems to be the least attractive feature typical for this group of gates, high winter efficiency, it will always open, you need to clear all snow, take care of your bike, you will go for a ride longer and further.

Folding folding gates

The subject is characterized by a fairly high failure rate, own opinion after making several gates using patented foreign folding door systems. Maybe there are successes and reliable systems, but if you decide on such a solution then it seems necessary to give the opinion of an impartial user of such a solution or system for several years.

Installation of the gate on masonry posts

Gate hinges on masonry posts

What to remember when planning your gates

Masonry posts must necessarily be reinforced with the foundation, no brackets should be removed during masonry - fence construction, we provide all accessories for complete assembly for almost every version and situation on the property.

The planned automation of the gate drive requires preparation and routing of electric wires during masonry of posts and fencing. Properly preparing the space for building the power supply and control unit to which we supply power and control cables from the building.

Both intercom or video intercom requires proper placement and preparation of the installation that will be able to control the gate and release the gate lock from the building.

We provide a suitable sample project on how to cover the preparation of such an installation, which cables to use and where.

Installation of a swing gate on steel posts

A similar situation, the posts in the option of preparation for the automation of a modern gate are supplied with holes for threading the appropriate wires. In particular, it should be remembered that in swing gates where the actuator arms are movable, the cables used must be absolutely of the cord type, they must be flexible, they can also be used in the appropriate silicone cover.

Practical advice

Wiring carried out in the ground and walls we carry in protective conduits, power cables are separated from the control cables, we conduct them in separate conduits, introduce to steel posts before mounting in the hole. Once the steel posts are concreted in the previously prepared holes, the wiring under the entrance is properly secured in the furrows against damage.

Gate prices

Prices available at auctions in our online store, sample dimensions with predetermined prices according to the size of the door and type.

Individual pricing for local situations, for cases please call, many cases are unusual, we will advise you with no worries, in almost every situation.