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Original modern fences made of steel panels

Dreamlike designs and effective anti-corrosion technology, high performance parameters , because this is what you are looking for and finally hit the end

In short, and what you need, solid fences, gate fences, generally innovative efficient effective comprehensive technology developed over 10 years, ten years of designing is also important, effects on the attached pictures. We operate remotely and locally, we save your time and your funds, contact for queries and doubts. Concrete fences made of smooth split and other blocks fill our panels of the gate and gate span, the effect of a falling ditch brick.

Seriously, you watch, inspire, choose, order and you have, enjoy for years, you won't regret it

modern metal fence on a wall after a fault
Model 369 - Galaxy fences

Offer Metal fencing panel galaxy spans

Introducing the offer in the form of a mobile catalog with an exemplary application of the Galaxy series in premium standard and economics class. We have prepared gates and bays in a dozen or so standard heights for the most popular stone fences on the market from modular blocks and not only, prepared in differences of 5 centimeters. Also comprehensive combinations of fences on steel posts, we choose width as standard and individually for almost all situations.

concrete fences filled with grazed metal spans
Model 375 - Galaxy fences

Watch, choose, choose gate fences

Imagination without restrictions , we're working on choosing the ones that are right for you, click inspire at will, call ask how you need support technical conceptual organization-based approach common sense or other. There are no discussions about taste, but technological assembly and other technical issues are worth discussing, we will provide you with optimal solutions and comfortable used for years.

nowoczesne ogrodzenie metalowe na słupkach stalowych 374
Model 374 - Galaxy fences

Support any design conceptual consulting

Hints in the preparation of the design assumption and advice for reasonable management of the circumstances in activities with the fence, what and how to prepare, advice from the heart not to go astray, click examples of movies and what else you need, if it's not enough, please call and don't hesitate to use it and write slowly.

modern metal fence on steel posts 371
Model 371 - Galaxy fences

Other useful info

In the subpages we present examples of projects and project support, various situations and cases, click on sketches at will where necessary.

Fence span graphics model 380
380 - Galaxy fences
 Horizontal span fence model 175
175 - Galaxy fences
 accent. Double-leaf gate, horizontal profiles, model 379
379 - Galaxy fences

Panel fences or fence panels

The Galaxy series is characterized by the horizontal use of closed profile panels with a width of 60 mm to 100 mm. In this group of models, between the horizontal panels an accent is designed, in some very expressive strongly emphasizing the character of Cyber ​​Design Style, in one a note of a delicate aftertaste nice but not flashy. Others are a composition of subtlety broken and mixed with premeditation and simple forms. The demand for this class generated, above all, the need for design, which at the same time would ensure, as befits premium aesthetics and durability for several dozen years. If you choose this standard, the model from the machine must be enough for us - attractive to you, meeting our expectations because you will look at it every day and several times. Is this not an important reason for the argument? There is, of course, at first glance we are guided by taste, the taste is not discussed but somewhere in deep reflection is the need for a banal gate or fence it was extra, pleasing to the eye and comfort of self-sense. Designs are not accidental or randomly selected, thirty years of experience in designing utility forms matters.

Galaxy in the premium class are frontal fences and gates, more massive constructions designed to fill both stone fences built of any materials, and designed to be built completely on steel posts. The ultra version is more universal for the front and edges of the property, more economical which is important for significant surfaces. The fences have the same anti-corrosion protection but made of smaller profiles, keeping the patterns as in the premium class. It happens that the Galaxy is mounted on the front fence and Ultra on the other sides of the property. A popular solution is a fence on steel posts, under the panels of the spans of the fence, paving stones are used as a filling recessed into the ground. A similar, more practical solution is the double run of such edges on both sides of the fence, the panels are in the middle and between the decorative aggregate poured. The biggest advantage of this solution is that it allows you to mow the lawn freely with a wheeled mower, you do not need to use the trimmer directly in the fence line, which is labor-intensive and not always effective when taking care of the lawn.

A few words about the assembly, developed for almost every opportunity, all accessories ranging from the spans of fencing panels, cassettes with electric gate lock, adjustable hinges, base holders for gate automation. Technology prepared to improve the convenience of assembly, ensure a negligible demand for working hours, both for assembly crews and supporting self-assembly. With the order we provide documentation from the prepared range of fences which is dedicated to fitters and not only dimensioning and construction details.

We use a single key system for gates, just convenience when there are several gates, we do not carry several keys. It is always worth asking before planning the fence, then it is possible to optimize it in almost every way, not every day you build fences so you should consult professionals, advice is always free and healthy solutions are invaluable. About the gates themselves, we recommend moving to Gates there for more about hinges, gate automation and other interesting aspects. Fence posts are known for gates, for fence panels.

Concrete fence posts come in many forms, a lot of modular systems are available, ranging from split, smooth blocks, imitating clinker brick, architectural concrete and other wonders. Depending on the type of fence posts, we have appropriate fixing of handles, installation is carried out efficiently and aesthetically after building the fence, nothing builds up on the posts during masonry. Depending on the height of the fence, we choose the appropriate length for stable concreting. The system of thoughtful practical installation of fence panels allows for use for a straight horizontal fence and in the event of a fall. The fence span handles are mobile, they allow us to comprehend any stepping of the spans during assembly, in one word universal convenience, there were two words. Also some larger or smaller bends or recesses. Recycle bins, cases can most often be implemented with a gate wicket outside the property, the other from the inside of the fence. The next version only provides a farm box covering the containers, transporting outside is done through the entrance gate or gate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, click and mouse over the page, and call us as soon as possible. Fast contact