Gobe ​​logo on the background of the galaxy 369 fence

Planning - Designing a Modern Fence Galaxy Gobe.pl series

Examples of solutions for making a fence - a fence based on our original designs from the Galaxy Gobe.pl series

Typical and unusual situations, we present dozens of possible fence settings for gates and wickets. They will help inspire you to plan your own front fence, including railings on the building.

All of our graphics - patterns - movies and other materials are copyright.

sketch of building a modern fence using formula 369 Gobe example 1

Modular blocks

Fence concepts in any version for split and smooth concrete, masonry, concrete architectural, on the foundation or only on steel posts concreted directly in the ground.

sketch of building a modern fence using pattern 375 on Gobe steel posts example 2

Modern proprietary design from Gobe.pl from the Galaxy series.

Infinity of forms and possibilities and where there are cases, the limit or and is not only our fantasy. We will develop advice on optimal solutions for unusual situations We manufacture fences to the existing dimensions or in standards developed for the most popular situations.

sketch of building a modern fence using formula 373 Gobe example 3

Adaptation of the fence to the spatial development plan

In this optimal way we will prepare your design assumption, send a simple sketch or relatively dimensional outline of the fence setting the wicket gate, other elements such as gas or electric box

sketch of building a modern fence using the 369 Gobe example 4

Wizualizacje nowoczesne ogrodenia modern 3D - nieocenione i niedocenione

It is possible to perform advanced visualization, which facilitates and helps to make a choice with a new and not only investment, choosing the right fence with railings on the building, which will give your surroundings a final touch. More examples on channel movies YouTubeGobe-pl

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